Book of Days by James L. Rubart

    (Find this book in our catalog)  Being forgetful – is it normal or is it the work of something ancient and evil? Are those momentary lapses of memory just part of being too busy, too much on your mind and not paying attention to details? Cameron Vaux thought so until he remembered what his father told him on his death bed 8 years earlier. “Cameron when you begin to lose your mind you need to find “The Book of Days” to reclaim it”. Oh yeah like that would happen to a healthy 28 year old! Now, however,  for Cameron little memory lapses are becoming bigger and bigger – like not really remembering the death of his wife, or how he has gotten from one place to another. Finally in desperation Cameron decides to seek out the “Book Of Days”. Cameron ends up in Three Peaks Oregon where strange things start to happen whenever he mentions that he is looking for the “book”. As Cameron struggles to find the book as well as retain his memory he realizes that friends could be enemies and the most unlikely person could be his most important ally. Follow Cameron as someone follows him to the discover what and where the Book Of Days is - and how it finally brings him peace.

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