The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin

(Find this book in our catalog)Released in January 2013, The Aviator’s Wife is the story of Anne Morrow, the wife of Charles Lindbergh.  The book follows their courtship and marriage, the kidnapping of their child, Charles’ affairs and both the happy & sad times from Anne’s point of view.  Anne is a relatively innocent young woman who becomes enamoured of the famous flier.  Under Charles’ tutelage, she becomes an accomplished aviator and navigator in her own right and flies solo.  Life with Charles is never easy, however.  Anne must find her own way through life if she is ever to find happiness.  With an eye to historical detail, Benjamin examines the relationship and times of the Lindberghs, and may provide the reader with a new insight into this period in American history.

Ms. Benjamin has always been an avid reader. Although she had written previously, she discovered her writing forte with her books Alice I Have Been and The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb. See her website.

If you are reading for a book group, you might consider these themes: Traditional/Cultural roles of men & women, Fame/Hero worship, The Press- positives & negatives, Dealing with the loss of a child, Anti-Semitism.

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