Jen’s Jewels with Kate White

Jen: As a former Jen’s Jewels, I am thrilled to welcome you back again. Your latest release, Eyes on You, is a peek into the cut-throat world of television. Please give us a brief overview of the premise, and why you chose to tackle this specific topic.
Kate: It’s about a TV host named Robin Trainer who realizes one day that she has a secret enemy. At first she thinks the nasty pranks this person pulls are just minor stuff, but they soon escalate, and it’s clear that this enemy really wants to bring her down. What’s even scarier is that it’s someone she knows and sees every day but she has no idea who.

Jen: In terms of nuts and bolts, approximately how long did it take for you to complete the manuscript? And, what was the most challenging part of the process?  
Kate: I try to finish each book in a year, based on what the publisher demands, and I have to say that’s really the most challenging part. Readers expect you to come out with a book a year. But it would be heaven to have a few months in advance of writing to really think about the next idea. As is, I have to be thinking of a new idea while I’m finishing up the most current book.

Jen: In what way did you draw from your own professional experiences in order to make the storyline ring true with your readers?
Kate: I’ve been on a lot of television shows and my husband was a TV anchor for many years. Though I wouldn’t want to be a TV personality, that world fascinates me and I tried to draw on all the mental notes I’d taken while being on shows and watching my husband’s career. I also brought in some of the office politics I’d witnessed in my job. You can run into some very difficult people at work.

Jen: Professionally, you have been involved in both print and television. Do you have a preference, and why?
Kate: Oh print for sure compared to television, and more and more, digital. My family always gets excited when I’m on TV but I’m just not drawn to that professionally. I love to write and edit.

Jen: The sexual tension between Robin Trainer and her co-anchor, Carter Brooks, boosts the show’s television ratings, but also causes her to become a target for jealous naysayers. In light of her circumstances, why does Robin choose to keep the evil threats against her private rather than garnering public support?      
Kate: Robin’s boss has called her on the carpet about poaching a guest from the show of another anchor, Vicky Cruz. Robin feels that because of her boss’s actions, it would be best at this time not to be at the center of any drama, so she doesn’t say anything initially. I’ve learned from the few tough bosses I’ve had that it’s important to read them and to hear them. Or it’s, “Ouch!”

Jen: Immediately, Robin points the finger at her colleague, Vicky Cruz, as the source behind the personal attacks. Why does Robin choose not to confront her head-on? Is Robin’s ladylike demeanor a sign of weakness, or a mere act of brilliance as she waits for the situation to implode in due time?
Kate:  Robin just doesn’t have enough proof. That’s the scary thing. The culprit never leaves any real clues to his or her identity.

Jen: As the threats continue, how does it affect Robin’s relationship with her peers and upper management?
Kate: Yes. When you start claiming that someone is after you, there’s a real danger that people will think you’re exaggerating—or crazy!

Jen: How does the influence of social media today affect a person’s (such as your character Robin’s) climb up the corporate ladder?
Kate: It depends on the field. A year or so ago, an editor in chief of a woman’s magazine who had no social media presence was replaced by someone with 30,000 followers. Look around you. Is it important in your job or your field? I always say that it’s key in a job to not just look ahead but behind you. What are younger people doing? But if it’s not necessary, don’t waste your time.

Jen: Let’s switch gears now and talk about your promotional plans. Please take us on a brief tour of your website highlighting points of interest.  
Kate: I actually have two websites. for my mysteries and for my career books and information. It’s not what I’d advise for every author but I have two distinct types of books I love to write.

Jen: What is the best way for my readers to keep abreast of your latest news?
Kate: I list all my news on the site.

Jen: Are you currently at work on your next book? If so, what may you share with my readers?
Kate: Oh, I love the book I’m working on now. It’s about a woman who meets an attractive man on vacation who is from her same city and when she arrives at his apartment for a date, post-vacation, the man who answers the door isn’t him.

Jen: When taking a break from writing, how do you like to spend your free time?
Kate: I love to cook—in fact, I just finished editing the Mystery Writers of America cookbook, due out next April. I love to travel, particularly adventure travel. Part of the year, I live in Uruguay, which I absolutely love. Wonderful country. And, don’t tell anyone, I am a fanatic about bird watching.

Jen: Are you involved in any charitable causes that have influenced you in a personal or professional way?
Kate: Yes, but I like to be under the radar with that.

Jen: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with my readers. Best of luck in all of your future projects!
Kate: Thank you so much for giving me the chance to speak to your fans!!

Readers, I hope you have enjoyed my interview with Kate White. Please stop by your local bookstore, library, or online retailer and pick up a copy of Eyes on You today. Better yet, how would you like to win a free copy instead? Okay, send me an email at with the correct answer to the following trivia question and you’ll be entered into the contest. Good luck! (Offer void where prohibited.)

What is the name of the lead character in Eyes on You?

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