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A Suitable Wife by Louise M. Gouge

Monday, January 28th, 2013

(Find this book in our catalog) If you or your family were part of London society during the eighteen hundreds certain requirements were standard for marriage.  A man needed a wife of good family and background and her money could help in his choice. A woman’s reputation – not just her’s but her parents’ and siblings’ – needed to be of the highest to enable her to make a marriage that would afford the best there was.  Unfortunately, Beatrice Gregory has a prodigal for a brother. Melton Gregory has squandered the family fortune, putting Beatrice in the awkward position of having to find a job as a companion since without a dowry she has no hope of making a good match.

Edmond Greystone is looking for a “suitable wife,” who’s connections would help him with his work in the House of Lords and with his charitable endeavors.  Edmond has seen and met lots of marriageable young ladies who meet the standards of suitable for his position in society but who do not appeal.  At a party he meets Lady Parton’s companion Miss Beatrice and is attracted to her, though realizing that Beatrice is the sister of the wastrel Melton and that association with her could jeopardize his ambitions.  Despite everything Lady Beatrice seems to be the only one to capture his attention and also his heart.  Come along on the journey to find out whether reconciliation with her brother and repairing of their fortune will allow Beatrice and Edmond a chance at happiness ever after.

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The Innocent Witness by Terri Reed

Friday, January 25th, 2013

(Find this book in our catalog) Vivian Grant is awakened during the night by a noise. Thinking her son Mikey is trying to get out of the house she begins a frantic search. The only thing she finds is her husband, Senator Grant, dead and Mikey seemingly missing.

While calling 911 Vivian finds Mikey hiding under his father’s desk.  In the shadows outside the killer is watching. Shocked to see a possible witness appear he begins to make plans to eliminate both Vivian and Mikey.

Enter Anthony Carlucci to guard Vivian and Mikey, the “Innocent Witness” of the title.

Can Vivian’s faith continue to sustain her during these trying times as it has during her childhood and loveless marriage? Can Anthony truly overcome his own self-doubts to do the job needed to uncover who really killed Senator Grant, considering the only witness is autistic and communication is going to be a challenge with Mikey.

You get a glimpse of the options available working with autistic children as the three of them work thru the difficulties and secrets to find out who really wanted Steven Grant dead and why.

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Recommended Christian Fiction by Christy

Monday, December 10th, 2012

The Christmas Pony by Melody Carlson (Find this book in our catalog)

The year is 1937 and times are hard. Eight year old Lucy Turnball, who believes God can do anything, has a fervent prayer for a pony for Christmas. Lucy already knows the name of her Christmas pony - Smokey - and where to buy him – Mr. Goldenburg.

Lucy’s mother, along with Lucy’s grandmother, run a boarding house, which barely provides for their day-to-day needs. Her mother tells Lucy that maybe it’s better to pray for paying customers. Lucy assures her mother that she will do just that.

The unexpected answer to Lucy’s childlike prayer comes be in the form of an ailing yellow car. Veronica Grant and George Prescott are trying to drive it on their way to California.  The car can’t be fixed right away so they must find a place to stay. Lucy suggests her mama’s boarding house, thinking maybe she just might get that Christmas pony after all.  See how God’s answer to a child’s fervent prayer can also change and expand the lives of those around her.

Yuletide Proposal  by Lois Richer (Find this book in our catalog)

Can Brianna Benson let go of a ten year old hurt and find happiness during this Christmas season?  Betrayed a decade ago by her fiance Zac, Brianna has returned home to Hope, New Mexico to work at a medical clinic assisting troubled children.  Zac is now the school administrator who is trying to motivate the teens of Hope to do something bigger or better with and for their future.

When what looks like symptoms of drug usage are found in several sick children who have been brought into the clinic, including Brianna’s stepson Cory, Zac approaches Brianna asking her help to find the source and stop this unneeded trouble in their hometown.

Can God open and heal Brianna’s heart and mind enough for her to work with Zac for the good of the town and her son? At this time of year when love is shown and shared and forgiveness is more freely given and received can there be a possibility of a Yuletide proposal and a brighter future for Brianna and Zac?

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Christian Fiction – Inescapable by Nancy Mehl

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Inescapable by Nancy mehl (Find in our catalog). The message of this suspenseful novel is in the title:  certain things in life are inescapable, including the love of God the Father.  Despite dangers and misfortunes Lizzie Engels eventually believes that and runs back to that love.

Lizzie has been running  for a few years:  first, away from her Mennonite background after having a baby and being rejected in her hometown of Kingdom, Kansas. Five years later the life Lizzie has built in Kansas City for herself and her daughter Charity starts to fall apart.  Lizzie is accused of stealing money from Harbor House, a shelter for abused women where she works. She has also begun to receive threatening notes and is being followed by a creepy guy in a red cap. The only way, Lizzie decides, to keep herself and Charity safe is to run back to the last place she wants to return to - home in Kingdom.

Back in Kingdom, as Lizzie begins to get to know again her hometown and its people she realizes that what she saw through teenage eyes and judged wasn’t necessarily the way it was. As she and her daughter begin to settle and to renew friendships, the danger she thought she left behind begins to threaten in Kingdom. Has she endangered those around her by coming home?  Who can she trust?  Is there no one or no place that she and Charity can escape to to be safe and loved? Run along with Lizzie as she discovers that some things are just inescapable.

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Downfall by Terri Blackstock

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

  Downfall:an Intervention Novel by Terri Blackstock (Find in our catalog)  Our choices always have consequences – now or later down the road.  Some choices build us up physically and or spiritually, some can lead to the “downfall” in this book’s title.

Twenty year old recovering drug addict Emily Covington has made some bad choices in the past.  Although Emily has been clean for two years, Barbara, her mother still has doubts and fears Emily will relapse.

As Emily prepares to leave for school one morning her car catches fire when she starts it.  Thanks to the quick action of her brother Lance in putting it out Emily is not harmed.  The police discover a crude homemade bomb in the wheel well.  Barbara freaks out, fearing that Emily has displeased some drug dealer.  To add to the confusion Emily learns of the murder of a friend’s wife that same morning.  Can there be a connection?

Emily is not the only one with problems in the family.  Her mother is trying to decide whether to move or stay.  She is conflicted over her feelings for Kent, a local policeman.  Emily’s brother Lance is having issues adjusting to the new community and school, along with the daily crises surrounding his mother and sister.

Will Emily be able to move on and not fall back into the old pitfalls of drugs and wrong decisions?  Can Emily build trust with those in charge of the investigations as she tries to outwit a devious killer and prove to them that she can help them find the truth and clear her name?  Sometimes we need a little intervention from family, friends and God to get us through whatever life has thrown at us.   See how Emily handles the turmoil brought on by her former bad choices.

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Building a Perfect Match by Arlene James

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

  Building a Perfect Match by Arlene James (Find in our catalog) takes us into the world of Petra Chatam.  Her parents and siblings are highly successful in their lives and careers, but Petra has hopped from job to job seeking the one she believes God has for her.

Petra has come back to her hometown to work as the manager on the historical restoration of the Vail Hotel in the hopes of becoming the hotel’s permanent manager when the project is completed.  Garth Anderton has promised her higher responsibilities if the project comes in on time and under budget.  In order to succeed Petra has to get the cooperation of Dale Bowen, the building contractor who is working closely with the town’s Historical Society.  It is Dale who has the final say about what, when and how things are done to bring the Vail back to its former glory.

Add to the pressure of completing the job on time Gail’s conflicted emotions about her current life:  Garth is continuously flirting and determinedly pursuing Petra, while Dale is showing growing interest in her; and an elderly, interfering aunt insists on matchmaking.  Petra has doubts about what God’s plan is for her life.  Does it or can it include both a career and marriage?  With her aunts’ support and Proverbs 31 Petra begins to believe it just might be possible.

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Inspirational Fiction – Christy’s Picks

Monday, May 21st, 2012

The theme this month is unusual families past and present.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the 2 I picked.  One is from the Love Inspired collection and the other is regular inspirational fiction.

  Leigh Bale’s Forest Ranger’s Husband (Find in our catalog) brings to life the day to day routines of the wild land firefighters.  These are the women and men who put their lives on the line to keep our forests safe and the surrounding area protected from those unexpected wild fires, while also dealing with the wild fires of emotions and uncertainties in their personal lives.

What would you do when someone you had loved had walked away and is now back in your life?  This is the dilemma Forest Ranger Andie Foster faces when her estranged husband Matt Cutter takes a job as Fire Control Officer in her forest.  None of her friends and co-workers knows she is married, they believe she is a single mom.

It has been more than 5 years since Matt walked out on Andie before she could tell him she was pregnant with their child.  Understandably Andie is afraid.  Afraid of her own emotions where Matt is concerned, but more so about what his return will do to Davie, who knows his father is alive but not who he is.  Can Matt work thru the wildfires of his insecurities and lapse of faith to regain what he loved most?  Can he let go and let God heal and give Andie and Davie and himself a second chance to become a family?

  Sarai: a Novel by Jill Eileen Smith (Find in our catalog) presents the day to day worries, stress, jealousy and unknowns in the lives of Abram and Sarai, who is his half-sister and also his wife, as they struggle to maintain a marriage and follow the direction of God for and in their lives.

Choices always bring consequences of some sort whether immediately or at a later time.  Promises made before their marriage – he to never take another wife and she to give him a son and heir – seemed so easy at the time.

During the years of their marriage Sarai’s faith, love and patience is tested.  First God asks them to move to a different land where Sarai’s beauty causes potential problems with the king.

Add to all of this the increasing frustration and taunts of not being able to bear a child.  In desperation Sarai does something that is allowable in their culture but is not what God has promised for them: Sarai encourages Abram to have a child with Hagar, her maid servant.  Not waiting on God to provide Abram an heir will have far reaching consequences - more then they or Hagar can see.

Jill Eileen Smith gives us a wonderful story that fleshes out the behind the scenes drama of the day to day emotions of faith, love, trust and jealousy as Abram and Sarai take the journey without and with God’s help to become the Abraham and Sarah they are meant to be.

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Stalker in the Shadows by Camy Tang

Monday, March 26th, 2012

  (Find this book in our catalog)  Nurse Monica Grant has a passion – her desire to help children in her hometown of Sonoma California by building a free children’s clinic. Her efforts to get this clinic built involve applying for grants and holding fund raisers.

At the various fund raisers she has this eerie feeling that someone is watching her.  Things get serious when she starts receiving threatening letters.  One even had a dead snake with it!  Afraid that she’ll end up dead like the snake, she seeks the help of former lawman Shaun O’Neill, who has issues of his own.  His former job was as a border patrolman.  When a border crossing went wrong and he couldn’t save the people he decided to leave the job and come back home to rethink a few things.

In going over the clues left by the stalker Shaun comes to the astonishing conclusion that this same person murdered his sister five years ago!  He is determined to protect Monica and help her get her children’s clinic built even if it means personally drawing out this “Stalker in the Shadows”.  You may be surprised who this stalker is and why he is doing this.

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Beyond The Farthest Star by Brodie and Brock Thoene

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

  (Find this book in our catalog)Life in a small town can be a blessing or a curse depending on whether you are a native or an outsider. Adam Wells- the so called Miracle Preacher Boy – and his family move to small town Leonard, Texas to restart again. Adam blames all the discord in his life on the actions of his sixteen year old daughter Anne.

Anne has issues of her own.  Being a preacher’s kid is not easy.  Once she believed she knew what she wanted and who she was.  This move of her father’s, the third in less than five years has pushed her from confused to feeling hopeless and trapped.  Then she meets Stephen, a confident cowboy, who sees beyond her swagger and angst to the real her.  The question is can Stephen help Anne and her family get beyond the bitterness to renew their faith and go “Beyond the Farthest Star” to fulfill God’s plans for their lives.

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The Aristocrat’s Lady by Mary Moore

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

  The Aristocrat’s Lady by Mary Moore (Find in our catalog).  Moving about in London at the height of the social season is difficult at the best of times but add an personal accident then it seems nearly impossible to do.  Nicole has endured an accident that is not readily apparent.  She has learned with the help of a faithful servant, Toby, and her mother and sister navigate the ins and outs of society.

While taking a breath of fresh air on the terrace while at a ball she and her mother are attending she meets Lord Devlin. Lord Devlin is a well-known notorious flirt who sees only her beauty and wants to know her better.

Because of Nicole’s secret she believes God has prepared her to never marry, but still she enjoys this time of getting to know Lord Devlin.  Nicole also wonders how and when she should tell him of her devastating secret.  This secret has already turned one man from her.  As Lord Devlin, who has been hurt in the past by distrust, tries to learn more about  Nicole Beaumont he senses that despite her wit and outspokenness she is hiding something.

Will the Aristocrat’s Lady’s devastating secret be a blow to both of their futures, or will God bring them to a second chance at forgiveness, faith, trust and love?  Let Mary Moore’s novel lead you down the path of second chances and love and a new beginning.

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