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“Authors revealed” for book groups

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Simon and Schuster has launched a new website, according to Craig Morgan Teicher in PW Daily Report for 1/14/09:

Teicher writes, “The completely redesigned site replaces the old and features an array of new capabilities, including in-depth author and book hubs, author blogs, multimedia and interactivity… A main feature of the new site is the “Author Voices” section, a series of blogs by S&S; authors, each of whom is given access to a dashboard through which they can post at will (subject to S&S; approval). Other author-related features include “Authors Revealed,” for which authors answer a standard set of non-book-related questions to give readers a broader impression of who they are. S&S; also built an in-house digital studio, where the company films author videos for use on the site. All author content is woven together on each author’s page, and also appears in other relevant places on the site.”

Check this site out as a resource for your book discussions.