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The House at Sea’s End by Elly Griffiths

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

This book (Find in our catalog) is the third mystery by Elly Griffiths. Her first book in the series featuring forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway was The Crossing Places, her second book was The Janus Stone. Ruth Galloway is an interesting character, single, a little on the heavy side, and a scholar who lectures at a local university. She lives in a house on the wild coast of Norfolk, England nearer to salt marshes than people. In the mysteries she is called upon by the local police department to help them solve crimes where bones have been unearthed. She finds herself in dangerous situations for which she is ill-prepared and in a developing and complicated relationship with the married Detective Chief Inspector, Harry Nelson. Anyone who enjoys a mystery with an engaging heroine,  a definite location, and delving into the past (whether it be as far back as the Romans, or as recent as WW2) will find something to like in these books. As this series progresses, various connnections and relationships become stronger, adding more depth to the stories. It is better to read them in order and know that as the author is settling in with her characters and themes the books are definitely becoming more appealing.

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Abingdon Book Group Reads April & May 2010

Monday, June 14th, 2010

The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths
Elly Griffiths is the pen name of Domenica De Rosa. The author was born in London and has previously written three novels set in Italy. She decided to have a change of venue with The Crossing Places, which is set in the Norfolk marshes of England. Ruth Galloway, the main character, is a forensic archaeologist who is drawn into an investigation of bones found in the marshes. Her relationship with Det. Chief Inspector Harry Nelson, will keep readers interested as will Ruth’s own personality. This mystery has  a suspenseful plot with strong main characters and a reasonably complex storyline that combines events from the present and the distant past. The location is very important and lends an air of mystery and moodiness beautifully described by the author. Despite a few comments on the tidy way some of the events are resolved, most of the book group readers were interested in reading the next book in the series to discover what happens to Ruth.

Read the second in the Ruth Galloway mystery series, The Janus Stone.
‘Her lead character is engagingly awkward enough to be perversely appealing … on this evidence Griffiths has wrought something of a miracle’ The Times. ‘It’s always a pleasure when an author’s second book lives up to the promise of the first, and this is certainly true of the second in Griffiths’s series… There’s a satisfying meaty plot – family secrets, insanity and ancient mythology, both pagan and Roman – but it’s Griffiths’s dryly humorous writing and the appeal of her two main characters that make these books such a treat … More please.’ Guardian. ‘…it is topically terrifying enough but far more so when it is combined with pagan rites … bone-chilling stuff’ Times.

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Shanghai Girls by Lisa See

This extraordinary book has been called engaging, compassionate, deftly plotted, absorbing. It is the story of Chinese sisters Pearl and May, who flee China as the Japanese attack Shanghai in the 1930s. Arriving in Los Angeles Chinatown after many trials and tribulations they try to settle into new lives as the wives of Chinese immigrants. Although this is essentially the story of two sisters, it is so much more, it raises questions about home, racial and cultural identity, the role of women in society, women’s strengths and choices, love and the disruption of war.  This is a great book for discussion. Lisa See is the author of the bestsellers Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Peony in Love. Her website is